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    Streamline your business processes

    with Petal

    The document analysis platform you can chat with

    Turn your technical documents into a digital expert you can talk to

    Your document analysis platform has never been smarter! Index all your text documents to enable full text semantic search. Automate the management of your knowledge library with built-in cross-collection file syncing, deduplication, and granular access controls.

    easy to use

    Q&A with your pdfs with the help of AI

    No more going through lengthy documents for hours. Get answers you need fast by talking directly with an AI similar to ChatGPT.

    ChatGPT often hallucinates answers and relies on non-factual sources indexed before 2021. Our AI will use your files as the knowledge base and provide you with trusted results.

    easy to use

    Collaborate with your colleagues

    Share access to your digital files with colleagues. Quickly add comments, highlights, and snippet annotations to your documents to ensure that no important details are missed.

    Collaborate without the need for multiple email threads or endless back-and-forth.

    easy to use

    Use Petal AI as your reading assistant


    Translate: Petal currently supports translation of over 10 languages.


    Extract the most important information and present it to you in a condensed format.


    Rephrase complex topics and ideas in simple, easy-to-understand language.


    Generate relevant questions or search terms based on the content you are reading.

    Identify Key Points

    Extract main ideas and arguments presented in a piece of research.

    Ask Anything

    Conversational AI unlocks near-unlimited versatility to support your learning style

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