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    The document analysis platform you can chat with

    Turn your documents into a digital expert you can talk to

    Stop wasting time looking for and scanning through documents. Get fully sourced, reliable answers using the world’s first context-aware generative AI.

    Through Petal AI, you can talk to your own digital expert and obtain accurate, trustworthy answers instantly. Petal is trained on sources you trust.

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    Home for all your digital documents

    Maintain a single source of truth. Our cloud drive provides a centralized location for all your important documents.

    Complete with automatic metadata extraction, file deduplication, and dedicated technical & scientific document support, your documents are far smarter in Petal than in any other cloud drive.

    Home for all your digital documents

    Annotate and Collaborate

    Highlight key points and share comments to enhance your understanding and collaboration. Use the AI to identify key points and explain complex ideas.

    Generate a sharable link. Say goodbye to the frustration of sending documents back and forth via email.


    Notebook that can write for you

    Equipped with advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology, our Notebook can summarize passages, translate text, and even draft new content for you.

    Leave notes and comments for your team within the notebook and make collaboration a more seamless and efficient process.


    Petal is an invaluable tool for individual researchers or teams sharing references with each other. Our group of 10, comprised of students and faculty members, uses it daily. The browser plugin and the automatic population of document properties with metadata makes adding references easy. The search capabilities and the recent AI additions are fantastic. Petal has truly simplified our workflow and enhanced our productivity.

    Peter Fuleky
    Associate Professor

    UHERO and Department of Economics, University of Hawaii at Manoa