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    Turn your technical documents

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    Get fully sourced, reliable answers using the world’s first generative AI for R&D teams.

    Accelerate Innovation with Petal

    Petal empowers the research process for any organization that uses scientific and technical content to make strategic decisions. Our technology, combined with our access to the world’s best academic literature databases makes research more powerful and efficient for any industry or application.

    Get direct answers, not search results.

    Through Petal AI, you can talk to your technical documents and obtain accurate, trustworthy answers instantly.

    Our research engine offers a new generation of efficiency with ROIs as simple as reducing strain on overworked professionals and as powerful as millions of dollars saved by avoiding redundant research.

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    Compare studies

    Use Petal AI to impose any criteria found only within the full text of the study. Identify measured outcomes, trace driving factors and influencers, assess potential weaknesses, and compare similar studies using our unique multi-document AI querying table.

    Comparing similar papers has never been easier. Pinpoint the most important works from hundreds of candidates for your literature review.

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    Collaborate with your team

    Petal is designed for collaboration. Keep everyone informed and up-to-date on the latest developments.

    Stay focused and productive. Securely share and manage your team knowledge anywhere, anytime.

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    Rely on us to streamline your research process, saving you time and money and enabling you to focus on your ideas. Petal offers a bespoke, modular approach to building research workflows, minimizing disruption and adapting to the needs of any R&D team.