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    AI-Powered Reference Manager

    Petal is the world’s first and only AI-powered reference manager. Using OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model (same engine as chatGPT), Petal enables direct and dynamic interaction with your research library.

    Automatic metadata extraction. Drag & drop, import existing reference lists (BibTeX), and create collections to stay organized.

    Capture PDFs and static web pages directly into your Petal Collection using our browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

    Powerful Full Text Search

    Grow your library without sacrificing accessibility. Search across over 200 million academic articles from thousands of publishers. Import accurate metadata and abstracts directly within the app.

    Advanced search features help you explore beyond document-level search results. Upload your own full text to serve as context for the AI to support your work.

    Bring Your Team Together

    Intuitive UI. Onboard new members more quickly. Keep your team on the same page so you can focus on exploring big ideas.

    Ping teammates in annotations and create comment threads – stay engaged even when asynchronous and remote.

    Collaboratively read, share, and annotate your full texts.

    Generate Citations

    Choose from 9,000+ citation styles.

    Create and manage your bibliography in BibTeX – the LaTeX-friendly format preferred by STEM researchers.

    Word Add-in helps you cite from Petal library while you write.

    word addin screenshot

    AI-Powered Research Assistant

    Petal is your AI research assistant that helps you navigate your readings


    Quickly and accurately understand the content you are reading. Petal currently supports translation of over 10 languages.


    Petal AI can analyze the text, extract the most important information, and present it to you in a condensed format.


    Rephrase complex topics and ideas to simple, easy-to-understand language. Especially helpful when researching unfamiliar subjects.


    Generate relevant questions or search terms based on the content you are researching to uploaded journals.


    Petal AI identifies key points within journals. Extract the main ideas and arguments presented in a piece of research

    Ask anything

    Conversational AI unlocks near-unlimited versatility to support your learning style and provide answers you seek.

    Additional features

    Petal Reference Manager contains features to support many more use cases. It is a versatile solution for all your research and academic needs.

    Full-text search

    Look beyond metadata and across entire full-texts. Discover references you never knew you had on-demand.

    Annotations and comments

    Annotate documents for later reference. @mention your collaborators in directed comments.

    Collaborative edits

    Changes are tracked and reflected in real-time for a single source of truth. Always stay on the same page with colleagues.

    Edit database schema without code

    Create custom metadata fields and conduct library-wide metadata edits without writing code


    State-of-the-art OCR to extract and index text from images, diagrams and figures for digital scans.

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