• Interview: The Petal Way

    Interview: The Petal Way


    The Petal Way

    Interviews can be daunting, but it does not have to be!

    At Petal, we strive to make our interviews fun and conversational. After all, not only do we want to know you, we want you to know us. After college, it is expected that as much as 66% of your life is split between work and sleep; sparing little time for meaningful social interactions. In fact, people have been growing increasingly reliant on their workplaces as primary channels of social interaction as the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes our world.

    That is why at Petal, every hiring decision is planned and deliberate. Our company is our community; one which values diversity and camaraderie. We celebrate one another and share the same vision. Therefore, in addition to your ability to fulfill tasks outlined in the job description, we also look for a strong cultural fit.

    How to Impress Your Petal Interviewers


    The first thing we notice is your confidence. Confidence has more to do with your presentation than with the fluency of your responses. (Side note: in a virtual interview, we can tell when you are reading an answer from your computer screen.) Sit comfortably, hold your head up, look into the camera when you are speaking and spoken to, have everything you may need readily available nearby.


    Take your time when answering the interviewer’s questions. We do not expect you to answer questions immediately, and understand that you may need to take time to formulate thoughtful, coherent responses.

    Nervousness does not prevent you from exhibiting confidence. Conducting yourself professionally under pressure is a prized soft skill.


    Have a gap on your resume? Were you traveling, raising a child, or taking a much-needed break? We have two mothers who returned to work after years devoted to raising their children. We have ivy league graduates who took gap years to improve their mental health. We have entrepreneurs who started working right after high school, then later returned to get a college degree. We have all taken different paths to get here, so we welcome you to share your journey with us.

    Have you failed before? Be honest about it. Tell us what happened, then tell us what you learned from that experience and how you grew from it. Nobody is perfect, everyone on our team has had their fair share of failures.

    We do not look for perfect people, we look for imperfect people who want to learn, grow, and innovate with us.


    We look for people who have a hunger to learn. Learn a new language, learn how to cook, learn new technologies, whatever it is that interests you. There is always more to learn.


    Do you start things simply for your enjoyment or because you are passionate about them? Do you know what to do when you get stuck? We look for people who take the initiative in their life. What do you do next when you have completed your assigned task? Will you proactively find ways to advance our shared vision?


    Work can be stressful but laughter can ease the tension and stress. We look for people who take their work seriously but carry themselves easily. When we have a company retreat, we all want to have a good time. Be willing to try new activities and new foods. Be willing to get wet and dirty. Laugh at yourself. Your inner child will appreciate it, and so will we.