• Which Celebrity Professor Are You?

    Which Celebrity Professor Are You?


    Which Celebrity Professor Are You?

    Every college professor has a unique style. Some are dull and monotonous while others are full of life and have the energy of a hyperactive eight-year-old. This variety can make a huge difference in a student's ability to absorb the important information being presented. Even the driest subjects can become interesting with the right instructor.

    The academic world is full of brilliant minds who are known for their charisma and engaging lectures. Take a moment to complete the quiz below to find out which celebrity professor matches your teaching style.

    Quiz: Which Celebrity Professor Are You?

    Instructions: Grab a sheet of paper and write down the letters that correspond to the answers that best describe you. We’ll review the results at the end. No peeking!

    Question #1: Your students might describe your personal style as…

    A. a homeless person who just rolled out of bed. B. sharp and sophisticated. C. prepared to deliver a scholarly paper to his colleagues. D. proper and dapper. E. not afraid to sport a bowtie.

    Question #2: How would students describe your personality?

    A. You’re brilliant and inquisitive, but your thoughts become a bit scattered at times. B. You have an intense, yet powerful, presence. C. You’re down-to-earth and make students feel comfortable. D. You might be the professor, but you are also the class clown. E. You are eccentric and nerdy.

    Question #3: What is your preferred teaching style?

    A. Gather students around and discuss topics and reasoning. B. You’re all business and jump right into the lecture. C. You can present information in an engaging and relatable way. D. You focus on expanding your students' horizons to discover what’s possible. E. You believe hands-on and visual experiences represent the best ways to teach.

    Question #4: Your students remember you for your ability to…

    A. extract worldly insights from thin air.
    B. set high expectations and push them to succeed. C. continuously innovate in your field. D. challenge students to think about new and creative ways to view the world. E. capture and command attention.

    Question #5: When setting expectations and deadlines for students, you…

    A. didn’t set deadlines. B. accept no excuses or mistakes. C. set firm expectations, but offer flexibility as needed. D. strictly adhere to the stated requirements of the course. E. emphasize the joy of learning.

    Question #6: What is your communication style?

    A. Great! (As long as your students brush up on their German) B. You prefer formal lectures. C. You’re fun and conversational. D. Terse. E. You can present complex ideas in accessible ways.

    Well, Which Celebrity Professor Are You?

    Now, compare your responses to the answers below. If your answers are split, you might be a mix of more than one celebrity professor type.

    If you answered mostly, A…

    You’re Albert Einstein. You are brilliant, quiet, and infinitely complex. Your disheveled appearance might lead students to underestimate you, but they will quickly realize that you have a wealth of knowledge to share. Your genius sometimes overwhelms your ability to communicate effectively since not everyone is on the same page. Regularly check in with students to see if they follow. And, for goodness sake, brush your hair!

    If you answered mostly, B…

    You’re a no-nonsense professor like Amy Chua. Like the “Tiger Mom”, you have high expectations and hold your students to superior standards. You’re tough on them but only because you know they are capable of achieving great things. Remember that not all students respond to the same pressures. This might cause them unnecessary stress. Know when to push and when to back off.

    If you answered mostly, C…

    You channel your inner George Church. You’re an all-around solid professor who makes students feel comfortable in the classroom. You strike the ideal balance between challenging and supporting your students and continuously encourage engaging conversations around current topics. Students work hard for you because they admire you.

    If you answered mostly, D…

    You’re most like Stephen Hawking. Students are likely intimidated by your deep technical knowledge and have a ton of respect for your ability to challenge their thought processes. You encourage students to discover new things about the world around them. While you take education seriously, you also know how to crack a good joke to lighten the mood.

    If you answered mostly, E…

    You’re Bill Nye. You believe that education is best absorbed through experiences. You always look for fun and entertaining ways to show students rather than tell them. You’re not afraid to make yourself look silly in the name of education! Be cautious that the fun and games don’t lead students away from serious learning.

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