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    Petal Website Builder

    Build your academic website in 30 minutes. Host it with us or export it as a static website. Designed specifically for researchers. Minimal maintenance, no code required.

    Site Builder for Academics

    1. Abstract away layout design to minimize time-to-creation

    2. Automate and simplify site maintenance

    3. Index your publications and make them discoverable by our reference manager users (much faster than Google Scholar’s crawlers)

    4. Search engine optimized for greater discoverability on Google

    sample site

    Built for researchers,

    By researchers.

    We know what makes a good research site because we are academics ourselves. We offer first-party support (vs. third-party plugins) for academic content such as publications, teams, and mathematical typesetting, which will make it easier to onboard new users by reduce friction when authoring or importing existing content.

    Optimized for hosting

    Optimized for hosting

    Our static site export and publishing workflow means our pages load faster, don’t have any special hosting requirements, and are inherently more secure. Everything is done automatically behind the scenes, so you don’t have to worry about messy configurations.
    Better visibility and increased citations

    Better visibility and increased citations

    We follow best-practices for SEO and responsive site design. We broadcast research to a wider audience to increase exposure via SEO strategies customized specifically for academic content. We cross-promote your publications in our reference management system.
    Constantly evolving

    Constantly evolving

    Our team can rapidly iterate on new features without dealing with decades of legacy code and design choices. Your feedback could have a profound impact on the evolution of our platform. Our agile development team implement proposed changes directly from our users every day.

    Sites possible with Connect

    Have us build your website!

    If you are interested in having us build or refresh your research website directly, instead of doing it yourself, leave your email with us and we’ll follow up to discuss the next steps.

    We provide tailored website development services at a rate you won’t find elsewhere!