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Petal CITE

Intuitive. Powerful. Discover, organize, cite, and share research.

Free-to-use. No download required.

Petal incorporates the core functionalities of


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Simplify Reference Management

1. Collect references

Capture references from the web or upload your own.

2. Automate organization

Auto-extract metadata and set up rules to organize your library as it grows.

3. Generate citations

Cite your papers using 9000+ supported styles with our Word Add-In.

Designed for collaboration

Petal is designed from the ground up with collaboration in mind. Our solution provides your entire lab with secure, syncronized, and easy-to-learn reference management so you can focus more on generating ideas and less on housekeeping and administration.

Library for your lab

A library with a built-in AI assistant who manages all your digital resources.

Journal clubs

Contribute, review, annotate, discuss, brainstorm, collaborate.

One source of truth

Stay in sync.

Any device. Anywhere. Anytime.

Additional features

Petal Cite contains features to support many more use cases. It is a versatile solution for all your research and academic needs.

Full-text search

Look beyond metadata and across entire full-texts. Discover references you never knew you had on-demand.

Annotations and comments

Annotate documents for later reference. @mention your collaborators in directed comments.

Collaborative edits

Changes are tracked in real-time. Always stay on the same page.

Edit database schema without code

Create custom metadata fields and conduct mass project-wide metadata edits without writing code.


State-of-the-art OCR to extract and index text from images, figures and scans.

Named-entity recognition (NER)

Leverage NLP to extract names of people and organizations from your documents and identify their relationships.

AI suggested tags

Machine learning suggests tags based on your tagging patterns and key terms from full-text.

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Receive publication updates directly from authors themselves! (Coming soon)